We provide a rapid response to clients’ needs and are sensitive to budgetary and quality constraints.

We are committed to providing quality of service and our approach is based on:

  • Flexibility in tailoring our services to meet the needs of the individual clients
  • Advice that is geared to achieving the best results
  • Careful cost management
  • Competitive fee proposals that reflect the nature of the work

As part of our company strategy we actively apply our Equal Opportunity and Health and Safety Policies.

A selection of companies and organisations that we have worked with in various capacities

•  A.R.E.
•  Fluorocarbon
•  Gwynedd Council
•  Raines Foundation School
•  Stocktonia Ltd
•  The Salvation Army
•  The Samaritans
•  Veridian Design & Marketing
•  Vasant & Associates

Work for private clients ranges from interior design and refurbishment – large or small extensions to existing houses.